因为孩子一天的大部分时间是在学校度过的, 考虑一所学校对他或她的生活的影响是很重要的. With that being said, the school environment has a great impact on how a child develops. Please take a few moments to review the information below on how a Christian education can make a difference in your child’s life.


足球买球平台将提供一个环境,教师, 工作人员 and students will grow “…in wisdom and stature 又得神和人的喜爱(路加福音2:52). 这是我们的使命宣言:通过基督教教育, 学生不仅会了解他们周围的世界, 也能培养与神深厚而持久的关系.

The goal of any school is to educate children about life, the world, and their purpose in it. 基督教教育旨在教导孩子们认识上帝创造的世界, 我们的信仰是如何融入每一个学习领域的, 以及如何通过上帝对我们生命的旨意找到目的和意义. 我们相信只有通过对上帝的理解, 他的话, 和他的作为, 我们能知道真理并向我们周围的人显明他的爱吗.

A Christian education isn’t just having a Bible/religion class in addition to normal classes, 而是将圣经的世界观融入每一个研究领域. 在科学课上, students may learn about how God’s handiwork is seen in the natural laws and design of the world; in physical education, they may learn about setting a Christ-like example both on and off the field. Through these experiences, students learn that following God isn’t limited to one area of life.

想想这个例子:对大多数家庭来说,礼拜是一周一次. As a result, we can unknowingly infer that we only learn about God once a week. 接受过基督教教育, 孩子们知道上帝并不只在星期天存在, 但是每天都在这个世界上不停地工作. A Christian school seeks to build on what’s taught at church and in the home. Building a faith that exists outside of the church and home is essential to establishing a deep and mature spiritual foundation later on in life. 我们努力点燃学生学习上帝和圣经的愿望, 预备他们离开学校后跟随基督.


事实是私立学校并不便宜. 这样更有意义, 从严格的财务角度来看, 转而考虑公共教育, 因为我们已经交了学校税. 许多家庭都很欣赏基督教学校所提供的一切, 但由于财务负担,我犹豫是否要申请.

We believe that if it is God’s will that your children attend a Christian school, He will make a way. 这听起来可能有点老套,但这是真的. 它可能意味着意外收入, 比如工作上的奖金或加薪, 或者这可能意味着学会削减某些开支. 你可以通过你的教会获得奖学金或经济支持. 对于那些符合条件并申请的家庭,CCA将提供经济援助. 供应的机会就在那里. Our God owns the cattle on a thousand hills (Psalm 50), and he owns the hills, too.

无论你怎么看,选择一所学校都是一个重大的决定. The right school will encourage your child to succeed and enrich his/her understanding of God. We know “…that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, 就是照他旨意蒙召的人”(罗马书8:28)。. 最终, our hope and prayer is that God guides your family to make the decision that will best help your child grow in his or her faith and knowledge of Christ.


的确,他们可以. Just because a school is public doesn’t mean it can’t provide a good education and teachers who care about their students. 然而, keep in mind that the goal of the public school is to educate according to the world’s standards and beliefs. As stated earlier, Christian schools integrate Christian morals and principles into each class. The whole atmosphere of a Christian school is one that both promotes and points students to the love of Christ. 更重要的是, 每个老师都会努力帮助你的孩子成长, 无论是在学术上还是与基督同行.

Christian schools hold students to both a higher level of academic achievement as well as accountability in their walk with God. They are challenged to achieve their fullest potential in school, and aren’t just seen as a number. 从精神的角度来看, they are encouraged to grow in their faith and ask the questions that help them understand why they believe what they believe.

巴纳集团, 一个基于信仰的研究公司, recently found that many church leaders in both Protestant and Catholic 教堂 see public schools as a negative influence on a child’s faith. 最后他们得出结论,

神职人员对父母的看法, 教堂, 和基督教团体, 对孩子精神的形成和发展有积极的影响. 然而, 孩子们每天大部分时间都在学校度过, which is perceived by many church leaders as a negative influence on a child’s spiritual formation. 事实上, schools are ranked alongside a child’s friends and peers as primarily negative influences—a view held by 61 percent of Protestant leaders and 65 percent of Catholic leaders. 在某些情况下, the perceived negative influence of a child’s school or friend group outweighs a perceived positive influence by double.”

“While it is great that some 教堂 have partnered with or served at local public schools for the purposes of outreach, the decision of where a Christian parent should send their child to school should take into account the whole-person formation of the child,布鲁克·亨佩尔, 巴纳的高级研究副总裁, 说. “And if public schools are perceived to have a negative influence on the spiritual formation of a child, 父母需要指导如何做出这个决定.”2

Shouldn’t we as Christians be “salt and light” in the public schools and not shelter them from the “real world”?

一所基督教学校不应该试图让学生远离世界, 而是教他们如何改变它. Just as 教堂 equip Christians to learn about God and show His love to others, 而基督教学校则允许更多的实践方法来达到这个目的. A Christian education trains students to understand the truth in the Bible and then share their faith confidently with others. Learning how to defend their faith and effectively share the Gospel is what will allow people to change the world through Christ.

我们都是人, and regardless of our background or upbringing we all need to experience the love of Christ. 基督教学校的孩子也不例外. They can experience the same issues and have the same questions as those in a public school can. 不同的是,在基督教学校, the focus of education is to draw students into a deeper and fuller understanding of God and the world He created. 这, 再加上老师们的基督教见证, encourages students to ask the important questions and work through issues in a way that is pleasing to God and sets them up for long-term success.

再一次。, we understand that choosing a school for your children is a big decision and pray that God guides you to the best choice for your family. 如果您有任何其他问题或疑虑, you can always reach out to the 足球买球平台 office or arrange to speak with another faculty/工作人员 member.