Throughout the Middle School years, students continue to grow in thinking skills and responsible decision-making. In addition to having daily Chapel and core subject classes, they enjoy clubs, field trips, competitive sports, assembly programs, and UNITE – a group bonding event just for middle schoolers. Students can choose between Band, Chorus, or Orchestra for Music. They are eligible to be elected as class officers and have added responsibilities to earn community service hours as part of their Bible grade. All middle school students participate in an annual Science Fair and enjoy the “Science Day at Darien Lake” field trip each spring.

Program Highlights

– Experienced, dedicated and certified Teachers
– Small size classes (on average – about 13 students per class)
– Fully integrated program of “core” subjects of Bible, Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies enhanced by the “Specials” of Art, Computer, Music, Physical Education, and Spanish
Academic Departments
– State-of-the-Art classroom technology resources for teachers
– Weekly Chapel
Christian Service
Clubs and Activities
– Athletics Program with “Cross Training”

Grade Specifics

Sixth Grade
– “Transitional year” in which the students learn greater independence and responsibility
– Main teacher for the Bible, English, and Social Studies
– Students begin to experience “changing classes” for core subjects in Math and Science
– Specials also includes Library with Stem Activities

Seventh Grade
– Class changing for every subject
– Additional classes taught in Health and Study Skills
– Required to take the SSAT exam at the end of the year
– 3-day Gettysburg Field Trip coordinated in Social Studies
Digital Discoveries

Eighth Grade
– Class changing for every subject
– Electives include Art and 3D Computer-Aided Design
– Available Accelerated Program with Regents classes in Algebra and Earth Science
– NYS ELA, Math, and Science Testing