The purpose of The Writing Center at Christian Central Academy is to demystify writing, empower students as writers, and help students learn to commit themselves to writing projects with clarity, intelligence, effectiveness, and conciseness. The Writing Center is a place where any CCA high school student can receive assistance and advice for all writing projects and assignments across the disciplines.

Students need clear guidance and practical strategies to harness yet galvanize their potential as writers – a feat that will be vital to their success in college, in their jobs, and in the broader world. Simultaneously, in an effort to reach out to our students, and help them connect with writing, the focus for students who seek assistance from The Writing Center is to review, sharpen, and improve their writing skills. Current writing composition pedagogy has pointed out that one of the most valuable and efficient ways to teach writing is through peer review and peer editing. Under the guidance of Director, Laura Lewis, The Writing Center will provide students with the following helpful guidelines and strategies to improve the quality of the students’ writing.

The Director will:

Mrs. Laura Lewis
Director of The Writing Center
  • Identify specific problem areas in the student’s writing.
  • Guide the student in the review of his or her weak areas of grammatical, stylistic, and proper formatting competencies.
  • Assist the student with strategies and solutions to overcome errors.
  • Assist the student in refining his or her conceptual, analytical, and content elements
    of his or her compositions.
  • Encourage the student to critically revise and edit his or her own compositions.

Available by appointment Monday through Friday after school.